Saturday, April 17, 2010


We have an exciting new home and I hope you'll all come with us.  I know I've been behind in my posts these past couple of months and I can only claim being busy and not being terribly excited about where I've been food-wise lately.

Well I am very excited about our new home; the look, the tools that it will provide me to make more exciting content and also about the food of spring.  Winter is tough and living on a lot of thae same produce because it's the best of what we can get in the dreary cold months gets a bit old.  Face it, although good and rib sticking, root vegetables get a bit tiresome.  When the only green stuff you can get is from halfway around the world and then days (or even weeks) old, excitement is not really the best descriptor.

So here it is, please join us at Ramblefood - Ramblings from the world of food.  The blog is still titled Musings On The Path To Frugality but my hope is to just keep writing about food, everything about it; my thoughts, my philosophy, my methods for saving money while living well and all about the places we visit, places we eat and how we combine the best of life.  We all know that without the eating and drinking part the rest gets pretty dull.

Here's the URL to update your readers -  I hope you'll come along for the ride and comment on everything.  I don't know about other blog writers but I write mostly for myself but I love getting comments; good, bad or indifferent but I love 'em all!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A post from a real estate blog where I contribute occasionally

Here's a post I added to my friend Scott's real estate blog, Classic Homes Northwest.  Take a peek, it's a bit more ramble-ey than I've been these past few months but I like it. 

Keeping up with who?

We'll be moving soon and all the details will be posted here as I post in both places for a month or so.  Keep an eye out and all will unfold before your eyes :-)