Monday, January 26, 2009

I ate chicken feet

Happy year of the ox!

I stepped outside the guideline today as I thought I probably would and mentioned earlier in my posts. It was tremendous to go to dim sum on Chinese New Year and listen to a native speaker engage with the servers and get us all the good stuff. I never would have eaten chicken feet is another circumstance and now I can say I did it. OK, so you all wanna know how they were? Tasty with a weird texture and too many bones. they are cooked for what I assume is a long time to get the skin and little bit of meat tender and by that time the cartilage has broken down to the point that it is kinda gelatinous. Spicy with chili, ginger and soy. I'm glad I did it but I spent just as much time spitting out the tiny toe bones as I did chewing and it won't return to my menu anytime soon (unless of course I'm in the same situation as today)

Even with the bill today I'm still under my grocery budget if I choose to include it but more on that later.


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