Thursday, June 18, 2009

Asparagus Pie Again

I made a lovely asparagus pizza the other night; this time with button mushrooms, fresh garlic and Mama Lil's Kickbutt Goathorn peppers.

This time I put down some crumbled goat cheese, drizzled some of the spicy oil from the Mama il's peppers over (just a wee bit) then topped with the thin sliced button shrooms, slightly blanches asparagus, fresh garlic and a few of the Mama Lil's peppers. Spicy tastes of spring and tasted like a huge indulgence but was rather good for me except for the fact it was so good I ended up eating the entire thing along with some icy cold American lager as the weather was quite warm and this was after a few hours in the yard. A tasty refreshing treat all round for a Friday evening...

Take a look -


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  1. haven't had asparagus on a pizza yet. Had a spinach one the other day. Looks good. Topping upon topping of delicious goodness.