Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ode to Rotisserie Chicken

How I love
my fast food chicken
meat so tender
just for pickin'
from my fingers
I'd be lickin'
juice from my
rotisserie chicken

All right so a great poet I'm not but I need to write about my favorite fast food.  Relatively healthful, pretty cheap (Costco, ~3 pounds for $4.99 just blocks from my house and better yet, on the way home!), tender, juicy and tasty.  Does anyone disagree this is the best fast food deal out there?

Again tonight the youngling was deep into his baking for tomorrow's bake sale to benefit the people of Haiti being hed at my office.  Tonight another 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies using the recipe for THE BEST chocolate chip cookes ever from my friend Alice from Savory Sweet Life.  I've written about Alice before, a great cook, terrific photographer and a beautiful lady inside and out.  Check out her recipe here and if you're not following this award winning blog yet then it's time you start.

Knowing Henry would be at it for some time and needing to run out for more eggs in order to complete the double chocolate brownie which are also headed to the office tomorrow for the same sale, I thought dinner could be easy, hot, and mighty tasty with a quick stop by Costco.  A surgical entry and exit and I made my way to the auto with a plastic box from which was emanating a most yummy aroma.

There is just so much that can be done with this convenient bit of deliciousness.  Tonight we made chicken sandwiches to eat in between rolling dough balls for the cookies.  At other times I've been known to pull the meat from the bird and use it for a quick batch of Enchiladas Suizas, chicken curry, wrap it a tortilla with some Tapatio & Pico Pica with sauteed onions and peppers, weeknight chicken soup or even that down home country comfort classic, chicken and dumplings...mmm, etc, etc, etc...

Anyway, I just thought I'd try and wax a bit poetic about one of the things that helps us stay on budget when we need something good tasting, good for us and good for the wallet.  We can't eat at MacDonalds or Taco Bell for that kinda money and this is WAY better for all concerned...



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