Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2007 Caravaggio Montepulciano d' Abruzzo

I think we have a winner, here is one of the best of the bargain wines I've tried and it's the least expensive as well. Fruity, up front flavors, not a lot of lingering so although there is a finish you shouldn't blink or you might miss it but the nose and the palate make up for whatever shortcomings might be there.

The nose is of fresh berries with a fine earthy, almost mossy aroma but only enough to keep it interesting and swirling in the glass only opens it up even more. The palate has just the slightest bit of astringency that dissipates with just a couple minutes in the glass as it opens to good jammy cherry and plum flavors.
OK, so you wanna know what I paid for this little jewel? Well let's suffice it to say that with past experience with sub-$5 vino I've normally been pretty disappointed, however at $4.49 this is a real winner. Trader Joe's came through for me here... Go get you some!

I had it with bacon wrapped scallops, yep still on budget...More on that later


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