Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The local farmer's market...

...opens this Saturday for the season and I'm about to pee myself with excitement.

I'm just sayin'

Another update - new food friend Eric has invited me to be an author on his rolling food blog called What Are You Eating? I have accepted and would like to ask you all to get on yer mouses and get yourselves over to the blog for some ramblings about food and drink from people who love to cook, eat, talk about and everything else that comes with food. These are quick little updates so it won't take you long and although our ramblings may be found to be whack by some of you I can assure you we are all having some fun from it.

Here's the link - You'll see me hangin with Homer and my tag is "Jim" (original huh?)



  1. Gosh Jim, I'm surprised I didn 't notice you weren't a FB Publisher. Awesome!

  2. Thanks for the post! I'm always looking for authors so stop by and say "hello". Jim, thanks again!