Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day 4 - Done! Now it's the home stretch

Golly I want a glass of wine!

OK, just had to get that out and there may be more random comments like that pop out from time to time. Although we have been living frugally but well for some time now it has not been this disciplined. If I went over for the week I could add it to the following week or I could make a big shopping trip and spent half my budget the first weekend and the buy staples like milk and fresh fruits and veg the remaining 30 days. Not so much this time, I'm committed to sticking with this, using only what I purchased for the challenge (other than the 1 concession I made for Henry and allowing him BBQ sauce but he's used a grand total of 2oz or roughly $.28 so even with that in mind we are over a grand total of $.24 of the self set $35.00 total since I did return to the grocery for more apples, a kiwi and a lemon. for a total of $1.00 after my original shopping trip.

The weather was once again sunny, cold but sunny and clear so I really would have liked to go get some ground beef and grill burgers but again it isn't in the budget and this merely helps that feeling of empathy; those that are on this budget can't just add it to next week's total or pass by what's already in the fridge.

One thing to discuss, I see a lot of my fellow bloggers this week keeping track of daily expenditures and I'm not doing that but I did figure I would take inventory at the end of the week and determine how much of everything is left as I've left it all in the original packaging. A quick subtotal subtracted from the total spent and divided by 5 should give us a pretty good idea of the expenditures of Casa Hunger for the week. Look forward to that on Saturday some time...

What we did today -


Canadian bacon hash with an egg over easy for me
An apple for Henry


Chicken parmesan sandwiches - leftover chicken parmesan from last night on homemade baguette w/ just a pinch more sauce to keep it all moist.
Henry ate an apple, I forgot mine as I got too busy at work

Speaking of work, today was Bring a Child to Work Day and Henry moved a couple hundred desktop PCs around a storage room for me and another 70 or so from one room down a long carpeted corridor on carts that he loaded and unloaded and stored in pre-set organization. I mention this as it will help you all understand why we ate more dinner tonight than previous evenings. I did however pay him with two new shirts he has been coveting but that's another issue...

  • 8oz Trader Joe's fusilli pasta
  • Leftover white sauce from the trofie on Tuesday
  • 3oz Broccoli bits, steamed
  • 4oz Grilled chicken
  1. Boil
  2. Warm
  3. Steam
  4. Slice
  5. Toss together
Although I expected to have at least one portion of dinner left for one of our lunch tomorrow there was none, zero, zip, nada. I was helping Henry and doing a bunch of other flitting about from meeting to meeting while moving equipment and gathering up stuff to be moved around all while keeping an eye on him and making certain he had everything he needed and was doing OK on his own. We're both tired...

80% of the challenge is done, I wonder if I'll cave and have that glass of wine with pizza tomorrow night...


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