Friday, April 24, 2009

Early am Musings on Day 5 - Also Friday!

OK, so today we get to do the Friday dance. WHOO HOO! Today this means more since I'm exhausted, I've noticed that regular stuff is taking a backseat to my musings and it's time to get back to it.

Did I mention I'm exhausted? Well, I also realized that I forgot to take Henry to soccer practice on Wednesday evening and that the house is a relative wreck right now. Perhaps I've been putting more thought into this that I realized as I'm not usually so pooped at the end of the week. At least we get to sleep in tomorrow...

While I'm thinking about it (there they go again, pesky thoughts popping up) -

Although we've been living on this budget for some time, the challenge for Casa Hunger was to buy for the week and use only from the food we bought. It takes more thought than just trying to figure it all out, go to the store and if I forgot something or we get a hankering because the weather has improved or some such other rot we just pop back up to the grocery and get what it is we need and/or want. As you all know, that's a big no can do this week and I think that is what has pooped me out.

Blogging is hard work. I usually get about 3 posts a week in; sometimes less, rarely but still sometimes more but this twice a day thing is taking it out of me but mostly from a time standpoint. By the time dinner is complete and I get the lad into the shower so I can start writing, it's nearly 9pm and I try and get up well by 5 so I can get at least a bit of work done. Blog time, wind down time, getting the lad into bed, etc and 11pm here we come. 5am comes pretty soon and makes me grumble as I turn to smack the alarm.

Empathy - it's a big new world for me... This was suggested by a not to be named amigo (you know who you are) that mentioned (reminded perhaps?) to me that thinking about others is my strong suit? Walking in others shoes is a pretty new experience for me and I think I need to do a bit more of it. My goodness! At nearly 50 years old I might be growing up a bit - damnit!

Community. That's it. Community. I feel like I have a new community of which I am a member and I hope that none of my new community members feel let down here. There have been some very interesting posts, some very inspiring posts, some thought provoking and discussion worthy posts and some downright delicious sounding and looking posts by the other bloogers during this week's challenge. Some of the bloggers I was already familiar with and some others are new but as I've written earlier in the week here we all are doing the same thing in different ways and all striving for the same end goal. Yuri from United Way of King County, thanks for putting us all together, bloggers give yourselves a big round of applause and the rest of you get out there and read... but more importantly cook! Check out the other bloggers here -

Not to worry, you're not done with me yet... More posts to come and a weekly wrap up sometime Saturday.

More caffeine...

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  1. I usually can blog 1-2 a week about food. 1-3/day is hard! I find myself going to bed around 1am waking up at 6am. I can't wait till Saturday because I am definitely not going to be blogging. :)