Monday, May 4, 2009

Bruschetta or What to Do With My Cheese

So here we are at the end of a dreary Monday. Sun was out for a wee bit in the Puget sound area this morning but it ended up gray and rainy by the time I got off the train to walk home.

I thought I'd show you a couple of the things I did with my new homemade farmer cheese the past couple of evenings.

Saturday, I mixed a bit of the cheese with some lemon juice, salt & lots of fresh cracked pepper and after spreading it on whole grain crostini, topped it with Mama Lil's Kickbutt Peppers. Yummy!

Sunday evening, after a long nap I steamed some fresh asparagus and topped some more of the cheese mixed with a pinch of salt, some lemon juice, fresh chives and again a lot of fresh cracked pepper & drizzled a little bit of the oil from Mama Lil's Kickbutts. I even broke into the cellar for a fine Broadly Pinot from Oregon. Although it was a school night, I felt the first asparagus of the season was somewhat celebration worthy so a not so budget bottle was in order, yes?
It's a bit late and I need to go find something to nosh with a bit more of this red tonight, perhaps some more cheese, more asparagus? Why not both?


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