Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well I guess it's summer

A thing of beauty - a rack and some grilled homemade baguette
I hope that doesn't jinx us here in the beautiful PNW as we all know summer doesn't actually begin here until July 5th as it is traditionally rainy and cold through June but lately it feels like summer and we're taking it...
A man on a mission
Anyway, tonight I grilled up some lovely baby back ribs, seasoned with a 50/50 mix of my all purpose grill spice and brown sugar; I made a 1/2 cup of it and used nearly all of it. After letting the ribs sit in the rub and bleed a wee bit of moisture into the spices the rack went onto a low grill for 4 turns of 10 minutes each and it turned out great. This was the first time Henry experienced Dad's ribs as he just discovered how good bone suckin' can be late last year and he proclaimed this one of the best dinners in a while. I love that he's getting enthusiastic about new foods...
Not sure but I think he liked the ribs
Gardening update
The spuds are coming along nicely, in fact possibly too nicely as I have not kept up on keeping them buried and the 1 box has 14" plants already so here is a photo pre-burial. We're heading out for more box material and will build some more of my manufactured soil. the plants sure seem to like it. I'll post a post-burial photo after I get this built up a bit but we did get them buried with the soil I had available this afternoon as well as getting yellow zucchini (I dug a hill in the middle of the lawn), yellow pear tomatoes, sweet millions tomatoes, bunching onions and haricot vert in today as well as a new (well new to me anyway) variety of thyme and finally got the basil in as I believe we actually are past the last killing frost finally.
Pre-burial spuds

Strawberry patch

One of the first 3 strawberries of the year (we ate the other 2 before I could get the camera)

I wish I could remember this variety of strawberries, this is about as large as they get but they are tart and sweet and they bear fruit all summer from late May all the way until the first frost and they aren't big but they are packed with flavor.

That's about it for this evening, cookies and ice cream while we wind down for a nighty night...


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  1. Those ribs look fantastic and the pictures of your son are great! The strawberries are coming through strong. Great job Jim!