Thursday, May 21, 2009

Our Friday

Here it is, our Friday so we had to have pizza. Yes, I know it's really Thursday but Henry has no school and tomorrow is the annual Memorial Day golf tournament so as usual he is headed out with me (getting up at 4am) to help out selling tickets for the raffle. He gets up and ends up staying awake all day then snoozing in the car on the way home, I hope it is the same this year as tomorrow is also his Mum's birthday (40!)so he'll be heading over there and will be expected to participate in whatever festivities she and her cronies have planned.

Around here, Friday night means pizza night. I also had some chicken breasts that needed grilling so voila! BBQ chicken pizza!

I used my own grill spice blend on the chicken and some Trader Joe's all natural BBQ sauce (no HFCS!) with mozzarella and some chives from the garden and this is what I ended up with - not bad eh? For a thrown together w/o a plan meal I call this a serious success with minimal work and expense. Throw in a couple beers, early to bed and it time for some awesome Memorial Day weather (67 and sunny tomorrow), it's nice to need sunscreen in the Puget Sound after this past winter and spring.



  1. Looks delicious. Did you grill the pizza??

  2. Sorry alice, I did not but I need to do that. I used to make an Alsatian onion tart on the grill when I had a round kettle grill so I could regulate a round fire. Soon I will have that again me thinks

  3. I love how thick your pizza is! Yummy!