Friday, May 8, 2009

Carnivore Nirvana

My youngling has discovered the joy of cured pork products. I am soooo happy, cuz he has determined these to be some of the finest foods he has ever put in his mouth and so today, I took it upon myself to take him to paradise...that heaven of cured pork and lamb set into a small storefront in Pioneer Square of which epicures dream, over whose porcine products carnivores drool...

That's right, I took Henry to discover and experience true Nirvana - Salumi Cured Meats

We stepped in and the first thing he said was "it smells really good in here" and then he looked into the glass side of the cooler and couldn't take his eyes away from the hanging chubs of spicy, porky goodness.

We tasted and tasted and walked away with two chunks totaling about 1.25 lbs of the signature Salumi salami and pepperoni and it being pizza night, Henry opted to include some of that same pepperoni on his 'za and declared it to be ever so delicious with the crispy edge and the explosion of spice and pork fat in his mouth.

Now although Henry decided to go with a somewhat traditional half pepperoni and half cheese for his pie this evening, I went a little different route and julienned some of the pepperoni and sprinkled that over some of my own farmer cheese that topped just a hint of marinara. I finished this with Mama Lil's Kickbutt goathorn peppers and a drizzle of the oil in which they were packed before baking to a lovely golden brown and delicious and washing it down with a few vodka & tonics with extra lime.

It seems I found a little bit of my own Friday night Nirvana...


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  1. sopressata is my favorite meat they make. Damn you Jim, I just drooled a little! I think it's great you and your kids have such a great time involving food.