Friday, February 20, 2009

2005 Stonecap Syrah

OK, so it's pizza night and I'll keep this one quick. Tonight it's about another of my budget vinos and another of the two local (Pacific Northwest produced) wine I purchased at the beginning of the month.

While nothing to run screaming naked through the streets about, I have to say I kinda like the 2005 syrah from Stonecap, apparently the "Chateau Cashflow" version from Goose Ridge Vineyards in Richland, WA. Now I know, it may be that the peeps of the Tri-Cities are a bit tainted by all that radiation leaking from the nuclear reactor next door but I think this one fits the bill; budget friendly, silky smooth and quaffable. Now, it's not a big tannic hair on your teeth monster like many of the higher priced juices but if you're looking for something not too fancy for a budget evening in, this could be your poison. Although a little weak after the first evening, which may have been my fault as it is sealed with a Stelvin closure and I didn't evacuate the air or refrigerate, just screwed it back on, the first night there was good balance and even after that it was still drinkable for the next couple evenings. I'll buy this one again; a decent plonk without having to drive through vats of dead dinosaurs to get it to my glass. Purchase price = $7.99

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