Thursday, February 19, 2009

You are what you eat

So, in pondering this statement it occurs to me that I have embraced an entirely new lifestyle but more on that later...

As we continue on our quest to eat well, eat right and eat frugally we are also doing our best to eat locavoriously as well. After finishing my read of The Omnivore's Dilemma, I am not sure whether it is better to eat certified organic that comes from a zillion miles away or if it is better to eat from the local food chain even if the local food is treated chemically for better yields and to be stronger against pests. Now obviously if the local food is grown naturally and /or organically then it is pretty much a no brainer and we eat "clean" food from the local food system thus putting money back into the local producer's pockets and increasing the demand for their locally and cleanly produced foods. However, what about industrial organic produced by huge farms and then truck it all over the world using mega calories of fossil fuel to get it to our plates and us consumers eating asparagus from Chile just because we can afford it financially; does that make it so the planet can afford it environmentally? So much to think about so I'll get back to my earlier statement.

Since Henry and I have recently switched to consuming only those animals that are vegetarians (vegetarian fed chickens & pork, 100% grass fed beef) and we are eating only vegetarians, then I feel really good about embracing a lifestyle I always thought would be very difficult. Stay with me here but...

if X = Y and X = vegetarians and Y = me then I must be a vegetarian right? So if I eat only vegetarians and I am what I eat then I AM A VEGETARIAN.

That's right, it seems that in our new found frugality we are also changing to what I've heard for so long to be a "healthier" lifestyle, vegetarianism. WOW! We had a 100% grass fed steak the other night and it was the tastiest beef I've had in a very long time and probably the best tasting vegetarian I had ever consumed.

This is a lifestyle change I can really get behind...

Alright, here's another recipe; vegan this time though (how am I gonna figure that one out? If I only eat vegans will I be a vegan or do I have to start wearing vegans too? My brain hurts with the possibilities)

Choley Madras

1Tbl peanut oil
8oz onion, chopped
2 15oz cans garbanzos, drained and rinsed very thoroughly
16oz red skinned potatoes, diced
5oz Patak's Madras curry paste (1/2 jar)
3C water

Sweat the onions over medium heat for about 5 minutes, add the spuds and garbanzos along with the water and stir in the madras paste. Simmer for ~20 minutes or until the spuds are done and serve over brown rice.

VOILA! Inexpensive, spicy and delicious. I had a nice big dinner and 3 lunches out of this for about $5

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