Thursday, February 5, 2009

I was asked today...

...if I was somehow disappointed that I had spent so much the first weekend as it sounded as if I was after one friend read the last post. I would like to take this moment to say absolutely not! It is just a different way of going about the same thing. By laying in some staples and then replenishing the fresh stuff throughout the month I may or may not be able to save even more. I will just have to find out what works for my little family as this is definitely a moving target.

The goal is to eat right, on the cheap.

I can do this by going to the natural food stores, watching the ingredient labels at the supermarket and by hitting the year round farmer's markets; I just have to figure out which combination will yield the best results to make the above goal.

I'm still trying to perfect a whole grain sandwich loaf, I have been successful enough to eat every loaf of every bread I've made thus far but I am not yet ready to post as none of them have been anything to write home about. I have the flavor down I think now but the texture is still quite dense and is just a bit difficult to work with. I do have faith however that I shall overcome these problems and soon be able to post what has worked for us on the bread front. I am so satisfied with the brioche recipe I previously posted from the Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes folks that I went out and bought the book (paying full pop I'll have you know, spending some of last month's savings in a local non-change bookstore). It is giving me some terrific ideas but even with this I have not had quite the level of quality for which I'm searching.

Anyway, hasta

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