Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bodegas Callia Alta Shiraz - Bonarda 2007

Another of my latest wine buys on a budget, the Bodegas Callia Alta 2007 Shiraz - Bonarda from Argentina is OK but even @ $7.99 I doubt I will buy it again. Although technically OK, there was no pizzazz; there is not nearly enough acid to bring any balance and although quite young what fruit there was died too easily, and there is no backbone to endure any time at all. I'll call this one a don't bother although as plonk goes, I did finish the bottle so at least it was good enough not to dump down the drain.


  1. Come on !! lovely wine !! I've drunk at least 100 bottles, and enjoyd every one.
    I've bought it in Germany for € 4.45. at

  2. Hey streetwear,

    Wine like anything else is subjective to the consumer, this one ust didn't do anything for me. I think there are better wines out there for less money.