Friday, November 13, 2009

2007 Tertius Tinta De Toro

Earlier in the week I opened a lovely little bottle of full rich juice with the flavors of blackberry jam, dried cherries and even a little bit of strawberry with a bit more than a hint of vanilla.

While this may sound kind of light, this bottle packs a great fruit bomb with enough tannins to keep things interesting, a great balance of acid (don't be afraid of acid in vino, everything needs balance and without the acid there is no fruit).  This was a great quaffer, it holds up well with food and is even delicious the 2nd day.  This is where a lot of bargain wines really fall flat, the day after but this was absolutely lovely the next day.  If you remember my post about cold wet evening gnocchi, this was what I was drinking during the cooking and along with the meal.

An absolute bargain at the $7.99 I paid, this is worthy of a price perhaps even 3 times as much.  Get out and get yourself some of this good stuff



  1. Jim,
    Where did you buy the wine?

  2. Hi Alice,

    This was another of my bargain finds at Esquin Wine Merchants in the SODO district.