Sunday, November 15, 2009

Voula's Offshore Cafe

If ever you get to Seattle, here is a tremendous place to stop for some food.  Not just food but GREAT food and lots of said GREAT food - Voula's Offshore Cafe.  I've written briefly about this place before but now that we have a second visit under our belts (at least after loosening said belts) I feel I need to give you a bit more to try out this incredible place.

Today Henry and his Mum and I ventured into town for a late breakfast.  We find that a breakfast together now and then is a great way to catch up and synch our heads around the upbringing of said Younger Hunger including but not limited to schoolwork, holiday scheduling, discussions around things like youngsters and cell phones... we could go on and on but I'm sure you parents out there and also single parents that do their best to present a united front with their offspring understand but I digress...

Back to Voula's... Henry's Mum had not been to this particular eatery before and this was our second time and Henry has decided it to be his favorite breakfast place and I believe I'm quickly getting to the agreement place with him on this.  Today Henry had his first ever omelette and was pretty surprised at what 3 eggs filled with bacon and cheddar on a plate full of crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside hashbrowns can bring to the party.  At Voula's they do rolled omelettes on the grill and this is my favorite method because it makes for a creamy center and a lovely yellow (no brown!) product and if any of you ever worked for a chef that threw out omelette after omelette while you continued to work your ass off to get the perfect yellow but completely cooked eggie product out, you know what I mean when I say "NO BROWN!".  Henry ate about 3/4 of this along with about 1/2 the hashbrowns and 2 pieces of toast.  I think he's about to start eating his weight each day...

Henry's Mum Kristin went for the bacon, spinach, mushroom and swiss cheese omelette and only got through about 1/2 of it and 1/4 of her hash browns.  Best part of this is I get the rest of her breakfast to roll into breakfast burritos for the next couple days.  MMMMMMmmmmmmmmMMMMMM!

On to what could really be up there with the best breakfasts of my life; the weekly special and billed as the Guy Fieri choice, the Kickin' Chicken Hobo - chicken Italian sausage with onions and mushrooms scrambled with 3 eggs and hashbrowns and then topped with melted gorgonzola.  Tap on a few drops of Tapatio and golly, that some gooooooood eatin'!

This was at about 11:00 am today and I haven't eaten since so I'm gonna chock this up to pretty frugal dining out.  Breakfast for 2 with coffee and juice and counting the leftovers for about 3 more meals all for about $30 is a great way to end the week.

The week is now at an end and that's about all I got for the time being.  I'll do my best to come up with a few more topics about which I can be more verbose this week.


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