Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 21; 9 To Go...

I'm in Oregon watching football with me Mum (yes, American throwball cuz she wants to and cuz I can give a little integrity for Mom but I don't have to like it).  Leftover lasagna from the freezer and 2006 Tre Nova Bonatello Sangiovese from nearby Carlton; seriously good juice.  Not a lot to write about right now other than it was a nice drive down and although slow because we stopped at every rest stop available to walk & water the pooch and let him pee it made for a relaxing trip. 

Dropped the lad in Vancouver, headed to Dundee to drop the dog at the kennel where it was a bit traumatic and I'm glad the youngling wasn't with as he would have tweaked and not let me leave the pooch.  The kennel is top notch but a new one for Butch and the other dogs were cacophonous causing him a great deal of fear and anxiety as the kennel gal (who didn't weigh more than my 105lb ultra strong dog) couldn't get him in the kennel so I had to go in with him and back out.  WHEW!  Not something I really want to repeat but may on Monday when I go for a visit.

Anyway, more later on the reason I'm in Oregon as I just don't want to write about it right now but I will say the vino has relaxed me and I've a full belly so it will be a good night.

This is day 21 and although this post is rather lame the point is I'm still on track to meet my committment of 30 posts in 30 days and I just want to write a bit without feeling like I need to post something meaningful every night so it's back to the UofO v Arizona game and a bit more of this lovely juice (BTW, this counts as frugal cuz it's from the Mum & Da' cellar just in case any of you are keeping track).


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  1. You can do it! Most of my posts have been lame too. Couple more days to go!