Monday, November 16, 2009

Sometimes I Just Don't Wanna Cook

Mondays are my evening for not doing anything when I get home; no TV, no gym, no nuthin' if I don't wanna.  That being said, I need to feed myself and so these nights happen sometimes where even the most mundane tasks like perhaps even frying an egg just seem to be too much.

Lately these type of evenings tend to run to a nice piece of cheese from the fridge, some baguette and an apple with a glass or two of wine.  Tonight I opted for an even simpler solution; just the wine.

Tonight it was a couple glasses of 2003 Contado Mankas Cabernet Sauvignon from Mankas Hills Vineyards and although this has been open for the past few days it was still delicious.  Some of the characteristics of traditional California cabernets are apparent; a bit of smoky tobacco, hint of leather, dark fruits such as blueberry, blackberry & plums but all without the over the top over-extraction and high alcohol "heat" that seemingly has become de rigueur for many California cabs.  The fruit is a standout, with a good structure of tannins.  The balance is terrific and this is a fine everyday bottle of juice although at the top end of my weeknight selections @ $9.99.  Not expensive as many nice bottles go but with the self imposed $10 limit for a mid-week glass or so it is fine indeed.  This is not a bottle to collect and is drinking well right now and should continue to do so for the next year or so.

The fruit for this bottle have come from the Suisun Valley appellation just to the East over the George Mountains from the Napa Valley where the summers are very warm and the breezes coming up from the Sacramento River Delta combine to grow terrific fruit; not just grapes but many other tree fruits as well.  If this is indicative of the types of wines that can be produced for this price, I'm a fan.

Get out and get some here @ Esquin Wine Merchants in Seattle and I'm sure you can check in with the website to find where you can buy it where you are.

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