Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Junk Food, You Know You Want It...

Tonight we discuss Junk Food and before I get too far into this I must say I truly believe one person's Junk Food is another's nirvana or maybe Junk Food is your nirvana?  Perhaps nirvana is your Junk Food...?  Uh oh there it goes again, my head is starting to fold in on itself.


My most junkie food indulgence is Coca Cola.  There, I said it and I'm out of the closet about it.  I love ice cream, especially good ice cream (Molly Moon's comes to mind and if you live in the Seattle area and you haven't visited yet, it is a must stop; balsamic strawberry anyone?  Salted caramel?), doughnuts are another big one (again, in the Seattle area we are blessed with some fine doughnut-eries; Top Pot is a fave, and Mighty O for a vegan organic choice plus newcomer Frost with their now famous bacon maple bars but my favorites are the Aztec chocolate).  Perhaps you consider fried chicken as junk food and a crispy hot juicy chin drip at a local soul food joint comes to mind with mashed potatoes and mac & cheese.  Burgers and dogs tend to be up ther in the pantheon of what many consider to fit in the Junk Food category too.  Dare I forget pizza?  Noooooo...

The point is, many peeps consider different things to be Junk Food.  Now I KNOW Coca Cola is Junk Food; filled with engineered extra sweet corn syrup and although I'm sure the original recipe was based on herbs and spices along with real cane sugar, we still all know that if you drop a steel nail in a bottle of the stuff it'll be gone by morning.

The other night the Younger Hunger and I were running late and we were both a bit on the non-commital side of choosing what to have for dinner; perhaps something to grab on the way home?  Order a pizza?  Mexican, Italian, sandwiches...?  Well we opted for a bucket of the Colonel's finest and in retrospect it was not our finest hour but it was a relative bargain; 12 piece bucket w/ 6 biscuits, 2 large mashed potatoes (these must be instant eh?  I haven/t eaten these for so long I just can't tell), gravy, 1 large cole slaw (this I do like even if you do tell me the dressing is filled with chemicals) and a chocolate chocolate chip bundt cake for $19.99.  A bargain!

Let's break this down a bit though...
  • The cake was indeed something that was baked more than halfway across the country from us and certainly shipped to us here on the left coast frozen.
  • The gravy is more than likely some sort of powdered form earlier in the day mixed with water.
  • I do suspect the taters are instant.
  • And the grease...what a mess to eat!
So we went for the extra crispy because for some reason I remembered it being less greasy but although the flavor was that of my youth, it just didn't get me too excited and even drenched in the recent household favorite Frank's RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce I was still disappointed I spent my dollars and my Junk Food conscience on this.  But hey!  I suppose it is something to which most of us succumb from time to time yes?  Please tell me you do too!?!?  Pretty please?!?!

Another point to bring up about what many of us consider to be Junk Food is that a lot of it is not necessarily Junk Food.  Take pizza or burgers; considering the addage "all things in moderation", if you have a burger with whole grain roll, a bit of cheese, load it with tomatoes, lettuce and onions and use relatively lean beef cooked on the 'que so the grease drains - you end up with what our Mums all told us for so many years is a balanced meal.  Don't add the milkshake, fries, beer or soda and it stays pretty good for you.  Pizza is the same thing; whole grain crust, not too much cheese and a bit of charcuterie and loaded with shrooms, onions and peppers - POOF! another balanced meal but again forget the addition of soda, garlic bread (on white flour bread!), beer, etc.

Although I mentioned not adding the beer, I have to take a moment and state that beer and wine are food and have quite a lot of nutritional value but again that is in the "all things in moderation" camp.  It's good for you "to a point" so a beer or two, that glass & a half of vino with dinner - all good so that way it doesn't fit the Junk Food discussion but I ask you...who among you ALWAYS stops and the one or two?  I myself try but many time I am weak and I fail, especially if the occasion is social and I don't have to drive.

Now I'm not sure we can use the same rationalization on doughnuts cuz I just don't think there is a lot we can do with fried sugary dough to healthify them but hey, we gotta have some food sins right?

Anyone for a doughnut ala mode with a Coke?



  1. KFC is THE WORST. Their biscuits are horrifying (I'm from NC, so I know from biscuits), and the chicken has been on a downward spiral for a while. Ever since they started touting that it has "no trans fats!" it's been greasy, soggy, and even more tasteless than usual.

    My junk food heaven is some Cracker Barrel country-fried steak with green beans, mashed potatoes and turnip greens (again, another wholly Southern thing) with real, delicious, biscuits (their biscuits, despite probably being shipped in frozen, are tender, flaky, and have that weird flour/lard combo flavor that reminds me heavily of my youth for some reason).

  2. The biscuits I love, and want to cook a similar style of, would be the cheesy biscuits that Red Lobster serves. They used to be the best things ever, back in my childhood. I don't remember the current ones tasting as good, or having the same qualities to them. You mention the Colonel, is there no Ezell's nearby? I have one nearby and have been tempted to try it out on a week other than Appreciation Week.

    With regards to the coca-cola, do you go across the street and indulge in a bottle?

  3. Sorry to double-post, but man that picture of a pizza-looking-object sure does appear mighty tasty...

  4. I'm a fan of pizza...yes, the fat laden, cheese oozing, nitrate loving pizza....I can eat pizza every day and not get tired of it.

  5. I still contend that pizza is the least junky of the so called junk foods