Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tuesday in a 4 Day Week

Tuesday evening, 2nd day in a 4 day week and I'm already thinking it can't come soon enough.  Work is somewhat overwhelming and at times I find myself just sitting and wondering aloud what to do next because there is so much to do and in so many different directions.  Lately I've found solace in the kitchen but tonight it just wasn't gonna happen so it was a good night for being lazy.

Although the day was difficult lunch was delicious.  Roast pork with provolone and red onions on pugliese.  You know a fine sandwich is a work of art and this was one of those.  A bit of the pan gravy from last night to moisten the bread and it was a done deal with a lovely Fuji apple, YUM!  This was all thanks toa great tasting, healthy dinner last night - a roast loin of pork with spuds and carrots.  One pan, one hour and dinner is on the table; even got groans of delight from the youngling.

I'm tired... so tonight it was leftover pulled pork and raw carrots for dinner with a Hansen's root beer for the lad and a Broken Halo IPA for me.   I don't even feel much like writing but here it is, day 3 of NaBloWriMo and I'm on board, tonight I call tell about a lovely Sangiovese I enjoyed for a couple evenings -

Luiano Rosso Toscana - $8.99 on sale from $15.00
Fattoria Luiano

Ruby red, gorgeous as it pours from the bottle and swirls itself in the bowl with a lovely red fruit aroma rising from the rim.  The mouthfeel is medium body with great fruit and spice; cherries, raspberries, blueberries and black pepper with a piercing fresh acidity.  Although bright on the palatte, the acid is not unpleasant and goes so nicely with food.  I enjoyed this thoroughly as a cocktail and even more with pear and blue cheese pizza while waiting for the ghouls and goblins on Saturday night.

That's about all I have for you this evening so stick a fork in me - I'm done


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