Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Was True To My Word...

...Traditional Turkey Day feast is in the books for another year!

With a pre-prandial snack of chanterelles on toast and a bit of Truffle Tremor from Cypress Grove we got to work.  The bird was already in the hotbox and Mum had done the stuffing on Wednesday so I scrubbed some real baby carrots and boiled some spuds.  Henry & Mum had formed rolls from a no-knead recipe that was a real keeper and they were ready to go in when the bird came out so here's how it went...
  • I set the carrots on to blanch
  • Henry mashed the spuds with half & half and butter
  • The bird came out
  • The rolls went in
  • The carrots were drained and tossed in brown butter with salt & pepper
  • The mirepoix from under the bird was brought to a boil with some added turkey stock
  • The rolls came out
  • The stock and veg were thickened and strained
  • The bird carved
  • A bottle of 2005 Carlton Hill Pinot was opened
And we ate
...and ate
   ...and ate
      ...and ate some more

A slight nap on the tube to watch the Huskies beat the Cougars (BOO!) and it was time for...


A simple dinner that tasted great and a toast to Grandpa that brought tears to Mum's eyes and made me a bit sniffly and I think embarassed Henry but we couldn't forget him him during his favorite meal of the year when he was just so recently with us.  He tried...

I know he was with us so we were all together one last time.

Happy Thanksgiving all (so it's a little belated!?!?)


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  1. Oh, I'm glad you ended up having a good thanksgiving! Sounds really delicious!