Sunday, November 1, 2009

I Think I Can, I Think I Can...

So said the little engine that could as I recall. Well he had a bit of a problem; if he stopped half way up the hill then the rest of the train would roll back down the hill filled with screaming passengers waiting for a, that got out of hand rather quickly yes?

OK, so where I was going is that I signed up for NaBloWriMo or National Blog Writing Month ( where I have committed to a blog post every day for the month of November. I figure hey, this is the month we're getting back into feeding ourselves healthily, tastily and plentifully for $200 and what better way to stay on track than to hold myself to something more - sharing the trials and tribulations with y'all. Will I keep up? Can I keep up? Let's check back December 1st and see if the November count is 30+...

Now, as some of you may recall the guidelines I set for us back in January were as follows:

  • $200 on groceries for the month
  • $50 on alcohol for the month
  • No dining out for the month

As this in the beginning of the holiday season where there are a couple feasts, a couple family visits, copious parties with friends and coworkers (and that's just the planned stuff), I'll expand the guidelines a bit.

  • Dining out is OK but should be kept to a minimum and the expenditures will be tracked and reported
  • Alcohol will be consumed both at home and out but will also be tracked and reported (still looking for that mid-week, under $10 red)
  • Grocery goal is still $200
  • Meat will be natural and / or locally grown; preferably both but still no feedlot or corn fed beef

We were out and about today and did go out for sushi as Henry and I were with friend Scott and a long way from home. Henry had said that he wanted to try sushi so I am chalking this up to adventure. Henry was pretty good; he tried seared ahi with a soy ginger sauce, spider roll (well the deep fried soft shell crab anyway) and calamari with a soy dipping sauce - I was quite pleased and he said we can get the ahi again but he wants to try it at home with some other spices than what we had today. I call this a rousing success!

Lunch was pretty late so dinner for me is a couple glasses of sangiovese and Henry had a roast chicken panini with provolone and we're watching last week's Top Chef: Las Vegas while winding down the week. Looks like day one of NaBloWriMo is in the history books!


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