Sunday, November 22, 2009

The End of Another Week

Copper river salmon that me Mum had in the freezer from the season. 

I broiled and finished it with lemon olive oil and we tried a number of finishing salts Mum had that were new; my favorite was the Turkish black salt as it added a lovely salty and minerally flavor that was clean and robust at the same time without overpowering the fish.  Now Copper River salmon can keep up with a lot of flavor but still salts can be so overwhelming at times so I felt this was the perfect balance of the sampler we had.  You can find this sampler here at The Meadow in Portland Oregon and this is the sampler Mum came up with. I also found out she picked up two of these samplers and lucky me, one is for my Xmas gift; WHOOT!  WHOOT!

Along with a 2006 Chehalem Corral Creek Pinot Noir and then a bit of 2006 Chahalem Cerise and a quick green salad it made for a lovely meal to precede the finale of The Next Iron Chef.  OK, so the cheftestants were nothing to write home about this year but I have to say my new FB friend Anya Fernald is crazy beautiful and knows way to much about food so I could watch and listen to her anytime.

Anyway, another quick post as I need to get up in the am to do some work for my real job - gotta pay the bills you know so it's off the dreaming of sugarplums or whatever it is we're supposed to dream about 4 nights before T-day.  I'll work on less lame and more exciting posts over the next few days in an amongst the work schedule but to all my readers, thanks becaue I am trly thankful that someone out there seems interested enough to write back once in a while and let me know that somehow I'm striking at least one cord or so.  So here's holiday XXs to you all


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